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Running Time: 12:05
Following her quiz with Tamsin, Jessica is cleaned up and re-dressed. In a post-gunging interview, Jessica talks about her experience in the gunge tank, before learning that she is going in there again.
Jessica's 'Post-Gunge' Interview
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Running Time: 11:36
Messyworld viewers have voted for Louise Mattin's gunge video. Here she is in Miss Michaela's fictitious kitchen getting a gunging and some rather messy extras.
Louise Mattin Gunged
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Running Time: 18:49
Estate Agent Rachel has noticed that her own sales figures are low. Her job is at risk and she needs to do something fast. But how does she discipline herself? A phone call to Messyworld should help. She calls Miss Michaela who agrees to give her some 'Motivational Therapy'. A bloody good Gunging whilst tied securely to her cross. This one is going to be very intense for Rachel. Another ruined business suit!
Estate Agent: Motivational Therapy
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Running Time: 19:19
It's the end of Lisa's Cookery Corner. Boss Michaela has had enough and decides that she will simply tie them all up on set and lather them in pies, slime & mess.
Lisa's Cookery Corner: Episode 7
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Running Time: 16:19
Meet Messyworld's new secretary, Jo! A secretary needs to know how the site works and how to answer questions about all the devices. So, here Michaela shows her the carwash and ensures she knows EXACTLY how it works...
Secretary Demonstration
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Running Time: 13:30
Join Tamsin as she hosts a general knowledge quiz with friend and fellow model, Jessica Sopel (The Christmas Vote of 2014). With the imposing 'SupaGunga' gunge tank standing between them bursting with slime, Jessica knows it is waiting patiently for her to fail and she is reminded throughout of what her fate may be if she doesn't succeed.
Tamsin's Messy Takeover
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Running Time: 21:47
Messyworld's Miss Michaela, and a producer had a bet in which Michaela lost. So she had to record a plea video to viewers of Messyworld, asking them to share or retweet the video, which would result in her going through The Human Carwash in her own PVC outfit. After receiving more then 30 retweets, this is what happened...
Miss Michaela's Twitter Vote
Human Carwash: Tamara Tied Up
As part of her 4-day intensive submissive training to punish her for laughing at her Mistress Stacy, Tamara is tied up and sent through The Human Carwash by Stacy's good friend, Miss Michaela.
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Running Time: 14:58
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