Pied, Foamed & Creamed Girls

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Karen comes to Messyworld for an audition, let's see if she passes her first test? Miss Michaela will have her fun with her using a plethora of pies, but the big question is, how will she clean off?
Welcome to a brand new cookery show, fronted by Lisa Cole, much to the annoyance of her co-presenters, Sarah & Caitlyn, who clearly do not like her. During the first episode they show their grievances towards Lisa by humiliating her live on camera for everyone to see. They trash her in all of the sticky pies and delicious desserts laid out in front of them.
Lisa's Cookery Corner: Episode 01
Tamsin & Jessica get into a very heavy pie fight after Tamsin accuses Jessica of sleeping with her boyfriend. Both girls will end up getting covered in pies.

A very nervous Samantha sits in Messyworld's pie chamber. Surrounding her are 50 Custard and Cream Pies and a very cruel Messy Mistress. Samantha is smothered in the pies until she is left as one large dessert of her own complete with sticky sweet sauces. How will she handle the splattering!
Lisa is now back fully in charge of the show, and she will continue to get revenge on her sadistic co-hosts. Lisa is ready and raring to ruin their outfits and give them pie after pie after pie, for all to see.
Holly is fresh out of college and has a new job trial as a pie tester. She has to test out as many custard pies as Miss Michaela can throw at her. On her first day, Miss Michaela sits her down and, with the help of her assistant, plasters her in custard pies. She can hardly come up for air as they continuously trash her in pie after pie after pie...
It's the end of Lisa's Cookery Corner. Boss Michaela has had enough and decides that she will simply tie them all up on set and lather them in pies, slime & mess.

Lisa has been voted by viewers of Messyworld to be attached to the cross and pied by the 'Lisa's Cookery Corner' team, including Sarah & Caitlyn.

Pie Vote: Cast of Cookery Corner
Lisa's Cookery Corner: Episode 7
Holly Smothered In Custard Pies
Lisa's Cookery Corner: Episode 5
Samantha Smothered in Pies
Tamsin & Jessica Piefight
Karen's Job Interview