MwGuys: April 6th (Schedule Changes):

As we are unable to film right now, presenter Callum Leigh will produce some gunge tank scenes to fill the gaps until we are back on schedule. Once restrictions are lifted, Callum will stop producing messy scenes and be a (staying clean) presenter only. We're sorry we are limited for models due to this lockdown, but then, not as sorry as Callum is.


Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Impact: will continue to update every Friday as usual with no disruption.
However, the 'Messyworld Guys' area on the website will experience some temporary schedule disruption.

It goes without saying that our studios (but not websites) are now closed due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

While Messyworld (the girls) are fully prepared for this with at least 18 months of content ready for continuous weekly release, MessyworldGuys (the male parallel site) will experience a little disruption but will remain fully open for streaming.

We will use this closure to get working on something new & exciting and hopefully bring this to you later on in the year.

We continue to need your support, so please keep subscribing and purchasing.

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Please stay safe and remember, Stay At Home and Help Saves Lives.
Thank you.


COVID-19 Information:

Worldwide Advice: World Health Organization

UK Health Advice: UK

Int'l: If you are outside of the United Kingdom, refer to your governments offical website or follow updates from the World Health Organization.
























































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